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Created: Mar 4, 2011
Updated: Nov 8, 2016
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Welcome to our speech page!

Thank you for stopping by our speech web page!  I hope you will find this page helpful.  Please feel free to email be with any questions.  My email link is posted on the upper left side of the webpage.  

Please visit our page often for updates throughout the school year!

Speech Information
November and December
The holidays are here!  November and December give us many opportunities to practice our speech and language skills.  One of my favorite workbooks to use in speech and language groups is a book titles Listening for Articulation All Year Round by Brenda Brumbaugh and Nan Thompson-Trenta published by LinguiSystems.  It is loaded with all kinds of seasonal vocabulary words.  Discuss these words with your child and help them make some meaningful sentences with the words.  You will also find the monthly secret sentences, which are great articulation practice.  I have attached some practice words for November and December below.
Great Online Resources
I have listed some great online resources for parents.  You will find them listed on the left side of this webpage.