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'A Camping We Will Go.....'
This will be a year that your child will! It will be important that you read with your child every night. Please use reading as a time to spend time with your child and to encourage education and learning!
First Grade Newsletter
Teacher Recommended Websites
We have recommended several websites that you can access by clicking on the weblink on the right side of the screen. We tried to find websites that were free, fun, and educational. Please browse and have fun with your child. If you have any questions, please contact us!

                                                                                    Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear First Grade Families,

            Thank you for helping your child get enough rest, even though the nice weather has been making them want to stay out and play in the evenings.  We are still in a busy season of year-end testing, and appreciate your help!


Mrs. Deckman’s Stories:  Furry Mouse and Two Mice

Mrs. Haviza’s Story:  The Real Author


Spelling Words:

kick, new, off, saw, talk, all, best, can’t, good, have


Field Day

Please make sure to watch the weather for Wednesday, May 8.  Our Field Day for first grade will be held in the morning.  Make sure that your child wears clothing that is suitable for outdoor fun and games…sneaker are best!  Please let us know if you can volunteer to help.  It is a fun event and the students enjoy this year-end activity.



            Tuesday, May 7 – PTO meeting at 6:00 in the library…all are welcome

            Monday, May 20 – End of the 4 Quarter

            Thursday, May 23 – Last student day


             Have a Wonderful Weekend!

           Mrs. Fisher (Deckman) and Mrs. Haviza



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Created: Aug 30, 2010
Updated: Aug 29, 2013
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