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First Grade Newsletter

                                          Friday, May 30, 2014


Dear First Grade Families,
 This will be the last newsletter of the school year! We are going to wrap things up this next week. Please remember that Thursday, June 5th is the students' last day. Thank you so much for a wonderful year! We have enjoyed the school year and wish all of you a very happy, helathy summer and a great start to the next school year!

Stories: The Ugly Duckling and Duck

School Week
We are going to try and keep our school week as normal as possible even though it is the last week. We will still be reading stories and keeping our schedules as usual.

Field Day
Please reme
mber that we will be having Field Day on Monday, June 2 in the morning. Please dress your child according to the weather. Please no sancals or flip-flops. They need to wear socks and tennis shoes. If you volunteered to help, please arrive at 8:30 in the gym for instructions.

Thursday, June 5 – Last Student Day

           Have a Wonderful Summer!

           Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Haviza





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